We asked abiola to talk about himself

Abiola’s First Professional Boxing match
August 31, 2019
Abiola at Face -Comedy Square Pakistan
January 4, 2020

We asked abiola to talk about himself

Welcome to Abiola’s Page, I created this page with the intention to connect with the world wide web family, to share my works, thoughts, intentions and updates,

My Full name is Abiola Moshood Atobatele, I am an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and Actor, it is hard to write of oneself, but the process of writing about oneself help one to go through a self esteem check and also self review. as facts as it right, I am the edge guy and riding with me can be so tiring but rewarding if you able to get to the other side of the road, time will test so do not be quick to commit.

Life is just beautiful, and most of the beauty can be recognized or appreciated by the beast looking part of it, the life that tears you apart, so many of us who have been through this phase are indeed lucky.

I believe the bigger the risk around you the better the reward, if the risks do not kill you it makes you stronger or take you way further, to me its not fun or worth doing if there is nothing to risk for, fight for, it needs to be worth doing for it to be on my to do list.

I find the biggest risks around me, making sure i have marked my attendance there, I feel that is where I belong, been with different people at different stages of life and they have all played all different roles, and they are indeed all significant.

This world in spite a small planet among others, has a rich number of humans in it, I cannot surely meet all of it inhabitants, but i will meet as much as I can, play my role and move on.

Consciously or subconsciously, I should have been able to add a value, and if i could not at least that is the intention, and really that primarily is what matters most.

Given that there is one life to live, I have learnt we need to take our decisions, good or bad we need to take them firmly, you can be wrong, and many at times you may be wrong, but i would rather have you decisively wrong than indecisively wrong, live this life, learn everyday, grow everyday, tick on your own watch and grow on your own pace.

Purpose defines life, know the purpose and you will know the reward, the direction and the drive through.

I believe my destination, but my presence is all I have, it is my process and my attachment is of that therefore, I am attached with the process, on every destination comes another destination, telling me destination is not what to hold on to, but something to look forward to.

LOVE, how hard is it to LOVE, how cheap but yet rich, no one is poor, only your thoughts can be.

unable to share all of my thoughts over words on a white page blank inks, will share many as we live on, let’s live this legacy together.

the legacy of love, happiness, strength, perseverance, determination, empowerment, uplift and greatness.


<3 Stay tuned

Greatness ahead.

since this was about me, I love playing football, i enjoy dancing, i like to be listened to on a stand up comedy,I like singing, and listening to songs, swimming if i get the chance, badminton if you invite me, boxing if you get me an opponent, i do all of these all HYPED up, cause why not.

like i said earlier

Stay tuned



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