Introducing “Dalmash” – A Musical Feast of Laughter and Culture by Abiola!

In the vast universe of music and comedy, there emerges a song so unique and filled with humor that it transcends borders and language barriers. Abiola, in his latest single “Dalmash,” brings to the spotlight a Nigerian’s comical obsession with a beloved Pakistani local dish, Dalmash, crafting a hilarious narrative that’s bound to leave you […]

Introducing the “You Laugh, You Lose” Challenge on Interrachawals!

In the realm of laughter and sheer unpredictability, Interrachawals is thrilled to introduce a new series that’s guaranteed to make your sides ache with laughter: the “You Laugh, You Lose” Challenge! This isn’t just any comedy series; it’s a hilarious battle of wits, endurance, and the ability to keep a straight face in the face […]

Discover Laughter and Insight with Interrachawals : Where Every Moment Counts!

Greetings and a heartwarming welcome to all our newcomers! If you’ve found your way here, chances are, you’ve heard whispers of a place on the internet that’s brimming with laughter, thoughtfulness, and an undeniable spark of creativity. Well, the rumors are true! I’m Abiola, the face in front of the camera, and together with Eraj, […]