Anyone with a clear direction of where to go and is on the track to reach the destination is successful, it cannot be measured by the money or material wealth you have.


How bad do you want it, you need to have the thirst, you need to really, really and really want it, only then you will get it, and your dedication is directly proportional to how much you want it


In a world of lots of disbelief you will not find many to believe in you, the worst you can do to that is not to believe in yourself, one of the best investment you can make for yourself is believing in yourself


Well there is a saying that if it were easy everyone would be doing it, keep up what you doing, you will get better and you will get better, your yesterday helped your today and your today would help your tomorrow, let that continue,

I was born that was all my dreams needed, now watch my journey unfolds

Failures are the pillars of success, the best dosage to success avenue, your best teacher, you brave to win, are you brave enough to loose, life is one big fight, regardless of how much you get knocked down, you need to move on

My biggest life lessons came from my losses, came from my failures, I love to make my mistakes, even when it looks the most stupid, I love the right to make them, afterall its my life, as much as I love your advises, I love my silly mistakes even better

Without a destination, you loose your purpose and that triggers an endless search for happiness, which you will only find in the pursuit of a true purpose and vision, that explains the unhappy millionaires. you cannot set a limit to your life goals, it is like setting a limit to your life itself, I call it da suicide

You came, you shall see
it is your choice to conquer



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